They call themselves 'sporksmiths,' and to them there is no alternative to world-class craftmanship.
There. Just. Isn't.

These are the proud members of the NE Georgia Spork Makers Association (NEGSMA).  

To create their design masterpieces, they start with their material of choice: steel, cooper, silver, solid gold, paper, wood, clay, or glass...which is then blended with perfectly calibrated amounts of American Pride, Precision Design, and Southern Dedication.

The result?    The world-reknown Georgia Spork.™©
Jim is a spork purist. His sporks are hand-made out of pure silver or gold.
Matt Z is the classic “recombinator.” A recombinator is somone who makes a spork out of another object or objects, making it look as if it was originally a combination spoon and fork. He can take anything and make it look like a spork: An old spoon, a sea shell, a coconut shell, and even a corndog! Yes, even a corndog!

Matt produces "somewhere between 12 and 47,000" sporks each year. When he is not working, Matt likes to spend time with his dog, Felipe, and makes other metal items.

See some of his work here!